She is one happy babygirl!

With some families I have had the honour of capturing their most precious moments throughout their life. So is this family. This little princess was not so hurry to enter this world and I understand why – she has all the time in the world! The most calm and gentle little being I have seen yet!


Meeting up in the family´s brand new home where You can still smell the brand new paint and see some unfinished furniture part. But non of this really bothers because the house is filled with warmness and kindness, peace and calm. Just like a home should be!


This small little babygirl here is only 5 days new. I should probably not continue with how cute she is. I just wanted to forward You the feeling of eternal peace and tranquillity this small new being has brought with. Seeing the parents so happy makes me happy!


Welcome on Earth, little girl!


PS: You have an amazing big sister waiting forward to play with You