Bright little star

On a sunny Friday afternoon when train from St. Petersburg arrived to it´s final destination, my sky brightened up with one little star. Her name is Alina.


Before meeting her I scrolled through her Instagram account and got little intimidated by her stunning appearance. My first surprise was how tiny and cute she actually is!  Sweetness overload! She even got in trouble on the train with officials because they thought she was too you to travel on her own.


After arriving to the hotel and preparing for the photoshoot I got a chance to get to know her a little better. She comes from a generations of circus athletes. She often finds herself carried by hip hop music, singing and dancing like nobody is watching (this was my little discovery about her). She has been taking photos since 13 yo and does marketing for many brands. And she loooves social media.


During this 1,5 hrs I spent with her, she was constantly making Instagram lives, making short clips and taking photos of herself, view, people, candys, coffee etc. I was in awe of how fast and efficient she was using the phone and social media. My respect goes to all You Instagrammers who have the energy for keeping up with this tempo!


Behind her sweetness lies a good amount of spiciness. You can follow her @whoisagooodgirl

After all I would like to say that behind all this fancy social media life there are real people. And they are far more beautiful and special than presented on web. So grateful for the time and energy she shared with me.