Once Upon a Time in Amsterdam

Monday evening is probably the slowest time in streets of Amsterdam.  But unexpected and full of giggles and good vibes as well. This is what happened when we tried to find some good coffee after all the cafes were already closed.

We noticed an opened door on the corner of a street. Even though the shop keeper was cleaning up and washing the windows, we stepped in in the hope of some cup of joe. Instead of a cafe we entered a wonderland: the whole shop was filled with artisan goods like leather wallets, bags, aprons and metal framed sunglasses quality pens and other handgrafted stuff. Of course we got our hands on everything The wall tiles and shelves were delivered from an old train station in England. In addition to exquisite interior they offer gin-tonic to make You feel even more cosy!


Things were great but I got carried away by her bubbly personality and her style. So we ended up with a photoshoot with all the nice goods from the shop.


Things unplanned usually turn out to be the most outstanding. So I encourage You all to leave some of the plans for the universe to unfold


Thank You Tommie for Your time and inspiring me!


Enjoy the photos!