In the honour of a female body

On a beautiful early summer morning when the whole city is busy working hard, we head out of Tallinn. Agnes has the most beautiful red curly hair and even nicer soul. She is a yoga instructor from Holland. And while carrying a new soul in her belly she is building a yoga studio in Portugal. Agnes is a huge role model for me as she is so humble, smart and sweet. No matter how fast the world can be turning.


After short ride out city, we pull the car over, stack our backpacks with water and start walking. Through these majestic evergreen trees we arrive to the wooden boardwalk. The trail is set in the middle of a bog and takes us first to the watching tower. Agnes is amazed by the wild untouched Estonian nature. She takes a deep breath while looking into the distance and smiles oh so sweet, sun kissing her cute little freckles.


After first shot in the tower we walk forward down by the trail until a bigger bog lake. Even though she has such a beautiful dress on I cannot resist and ask her politely to undress. In my surprise she is more than fine with that and replies in relief: “I love to be naked!”


So there she is: her beautiful belly and gorgeous body, curly hair flying in the air, hands wide open to connect with the nature. She looks exactly like she would belong here with her hair color and pale skin tone. We are having such a fun time and almost don´t notice that there are other people walking by as well. But we don´t mind. And they don´t mind.


In the end of a photoshoot I strip off of my clothes as well and take a dip in the water. As bogs are really alkaline the water feels extra soft and nurturing for the skin. And body. And mind.


Thank You, Agnes, for trusting me and feeling so comfortable and free in Your beautiful body!


Ahou to all the beautiful mamas (and soon to be mamas) out there!