Goodbye nature…for now!

It´s this time of the year which I used to dislike the most: FALL.


All the leaves are FALLing down after this beautiful summer when they where waving in the warm breeze. But oh, how beautiful the golden leaves are now, departing from the trees, flying into the long dark times ahead. They fly and shine their last warm shades in the sunlight.


As nature so are the humans turning more inside themselves. This is the time to reflect on past times, remember and save the warmness and beauty of nature. Time to harvest the crop of our invested energy and work. We FALL inside our deepest feelings, thoughts and emotions. By being grateful for all the outcome, even for the things that did not go as planned, things that ended, things that got lost and things that made us feel sad, we FALL in love with ourselves. Again.


Svea nailed my attention for the first second we met. Her beautiful soul is as sparkling has her smile. Her connection to the animals is so heartwarming and inspiring. This was another beautiful Saturday at one of my favourite places in West of Estonia. The FALL has been stormy but so sunny. Two of the things I love! This day was as authentic as it can be while it is harvesting time and prepping all the plants and housing for the winter.


One thing that I have learned lately is that it is up to us to decide how we interpret situations. And there is good in every bad. Like yin and yang. Black and white. Both complementing each other. And instead of feeling down about weather getting colder and days getting darker, we can learn (and train!) to see the beauty in this as well.


So thank You FALL for showing me the Your beauty!