Golden hour in North

Living in North has it´s own magic. At least this is what I´m trying to convince myself every time. I am a completely dependent on Sun: my moods and well-being is strongly influenced by the daily sunlight. As soon the winter arrives my energy drops through the floor and I´m finding it hard to get up in the mornings. But there are those days that keep me hopeful and motivated – the Sun will come out sooner or later.


After ten days of dark and grey weather, finally the winds clear out the sky so the Sun can shine. As soon as my skin feels some warmness and I see warm yellow light on buildings and from reflections. I try to take every chance to soak up some healing energy from the Sun. Those are also the days I feel the urge to reach out my camera to capture the light. It kind of feels like I´m trying to keep the feeling somehow. But I guess that´s part of what photography is about: saving the moment we love and want to remember forever.


I took an hour ride out from the city. I love to live in the center of the city but even more I love to be out in the nature. As ocean is definitely closest to my heart we had a stroll on a beach. During the winter the Sun does not get really high up in the sky and therefore the days here are short. You need to actually catch every chance of daylight and sun to get some photos outdoors.


We had lovely scenery with lovely swans grouping up in the bay. I guess they were actually hiding from the strong wind which was pretty violent that day. I really don´t mind the wind as long there are the sun rays.


So there we were. Walking by the coastline towards the light and towards the spring we are so longing for.