Don´t grow up too fast!

She was just 10 days old when I first saw her.

So little did we connect back then mostly because she was so sleepy (see the post here). Now, 8 months later, she has become such an energetic and bubbly little girl. I bet the cute smiles come from her ever gorgeous mama.


Ruby´s mama I met about 10 years ago. She has always been bright beautiful shining girl, who enjoys life, music and fashion. Now she has become a woman. But she still has all that spark and carefree love inside her. Outside, I love how the curves make her  sexier than ever and gives her that extra feminine confidence.


These two are just so beautiful! I´m sure the dad is even happier to have these kind of ladies by his side. I think it´s true what they say about daughters to be more growing up by learning from their dads. At least I was more of a “dad´s kid”. Just look at how she mimics her dad facial expressions and she can really sense dad´s being by copying his attitude as well!


I am so super grateful for these families to share their beautiful moments with me: starting from love story, pregnancy and new born babies to growing family.


So until next time!


Thank You!